Trusted Users

Verify your users' identities with two-factor authentication:

  • Easy-to-use authentication app, Duo Mobile allows for easy one-tap login via Duo Push
  • Other methods include U2F, SMS passcodes, mobile OTP, phone callback & security tokens
  • Works with various identity providers (AD, OneLogin, Okta, Ping) through multiple authentication protocols (LDAP, SAML, OIDC)• Easily provision users, and automate management with Admin APIs
  • Vulnerability assessments using Duo’s phishing simulation tool

Enforce user access policies

  • Block logins based on IP or countries

  • Block users on anonymous networks, like Tor

Trusted Devices

Check the security health of all your devices, including:

  • Out-of-date operating systems, browsers or plugins
  • Enabled security features, like screen lock
  • Rooted or jailbroken status
  • Trusted or not based on certificates

Enforce device access policies

  • For corporate-owned vs. personal devices
  • Control what devices can access apps based on device certificates
  • Block, notify and restrict access of users with risky devices
  • Prompt users to update their own devices 

Every Application

Secure access to any application:

  • Integrate with on-premises apps like RDP, SSH, UNIX & more
  • Secure VPNs & remote access gateways like Cisco, Juniper, etc.
  • Native support for protecting all cloud apps like Office 365, Salesforce, AWS & more
  • Protect federated cloud apps
  • Allows users to connect to on-premises web apps without a VPN

Enforce application access policies:

  • Control which internal apps are accessible by remote users
  • Provide a single web portal to access on-premises and cloud-based applications with Duo’s secure single sign-on (SSO)

Protect Every Application

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