Did you know?

Skills are an issue

40% of organizations still struggle with SOC staff shortages and finding qualified people to fill the cybersecurity skills gap.

How will downtime affect your business?

Small and midsize teams especially are concerned with downtime or business outage (50%) over threat hunting.

SOC Value

A SOC will help empower organizations to detect, investigate and respond to cyberattacks an average of at least 51% faster or more.

Get 24/7 Detection and Response

Across 3 Main Attack Pillars


  1. Windows & MAC OS
  2. Event logs, advanced breach detection/isolations & threat hunting

IT Network Infrastructure

  1. Edge Devices, Systems, and Firewalls
  2. DNS, WHOIS, Threat reputation investigations, and monitoring

Cloud Applications

  1. Microsoft 365 & AzureAD
  2. Event log analysis and monitoring of Active Directory access and activities
  3. Monitor & Identify Malicious logins or anomalous behaviors or changes

Advanced Security for Microsoft 365 and Azure AD

The largest security gap and blind spot for threats is Email

  1. We monitor your O365 accounts for business email compromises (BEC), unauthorized rule forwarding, and excess privileges risking data leakage.
  2. We monitor the Dark Web 24x7 for any exposed credentials linked to your domain or IP details

Increased Visibility & Control Permissions & Access in Active Directory

  1. Track and observe all event log activities within your Azure AD account for malicious logins or suspicious/anomalous behaviors or changes indicating potential security breach threats.

A Managed SOC Protects Against Vulnerabilities & Attacks

Enhanced visibility into email threats

Detect email threats before they become a problem.

Real time threat-hunting

Leverage intel and insights to empower a more proactive and preventative approach to your security.

Monitor & Track Firewall Logs

We monitor firewall logs acting as a syslog collector.

Activities and alert messages are then aggregated, parsed, and  investigated to identify potential threat indicators.

Detect suspicious tools & programs

We can detect suspicious tools that should not be present on your network, such as hacking utilities, password crackers, etc. used for malicious intent.

DNS Filter Monitoring

Monitor DNS Filter log activity for new threats or known vulnerabilities or malicious network and IP connections.

Cyber Terrorism Prevention

Detect cyber-terrorist network connections and deal proactively with threats.

It is time to set up your proactive and preventative security defence

A Managed SOC through UrbanNerd gives you the peace of mind you need to run your business. Cyber threats are on the rise and constantly evolving, it is best to secure yourself sooner rather than later.

Proactive & Preventative Security Management

Improved Security Posture & Effectiveness of Security Tools/Strategies

Increased Threat Awareness & Risk Mitigation

Real-time trending and expanded data analytics

24/7/365 SOC Cover

Full support from our HQ in South Africa, servicing local and international clients.

Critical Documentation & Record Keeping

Event Log, Activity Tracking and Incident / Notification Records.

Overcome IT Skills & Resource Gaps

Leverage Experiences IT & Cybersecurity Specialists and Analysts.


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