Disaster – natural or man-made – doesn’t strike often, but when it does, the magnitude of its destruction can keep you up at night. Do you have a suitable disaster recovery program in place? If so, has it ever been tested so you know that it will work in the event of a disaster? How long will it take to recover your files and data in a worst-case scenario?

Disaster Recovery

If you’re not sure where to start, URBANNERD CONSULTING offers a fully-managed disaster recovery program designed to meet your organization’s unique needs. URBANNERD takes a comprehensive approach in customizing a Disaster Recovery Plan that’s a perfect fit for your organization for ultimate peace of mind.

Why do we recommend Azure Site Recovery

Azure Site Recovery (ASR) provides proactive and comprehensive protection of your environment. Some of the management benefits you can get from ASR include:

Simple, automated protection and disaster recovery in the cloud

Orchestrated disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS)

Replication and disaster recovery to Azure

Continuous health monitoring with Site Recovery

Customizable recovery plans

Predictable migration path from VMware virtual machines to Azure

Why choose our Managed UNERD-DR-as-a-Service offering ?

URBANNERD Consulting has simplified the complexity of disaster recovery into a simple and robust solution that can be customized to meet any organisations unique requirements. Our UNERD-DR-as-a-Service program includes:

Orchestrated disaster recovery as a Service

Replication and disaster recovery to Azure

Continuous site replication monitoring and remediation

Quarterly backup verification (non-production)

Manage site during failover while invoked

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