Fixing the problem with Microsoft Teams not communicating with external domains.

When users in your organization try to chat with users outside of your organization, they receive the following message in Microsoft Teams.

We can’t set up the conversation because your organizations are not set up to talk to each other

To allow your users to communicate / chat with users outside of your organization, you will have to allow external access in Microsoft Teams. To do this follow below.


Open Microsoft 365 Admin Centre > Teams then click on Org-Wide Settings > External access.

Enable “Users can communicate with Skype for Business and Teams users” as well as “Users can communicate with Skype users

We have highlighted the options for your convenience in red.

You also have the option to block or allow domains if your organization only wants to allow external communication with certain domain.

To block communication with an external domain clock on “+Add a domain”

Type the domain name and click on “blocked” then click Done at the bottom of the page.


The domain will be listed under domains with a status of Blocked.

Once you have configured your external access your users will be able to communicate to external organizations.