Define your CS Roadmap

Gain insight into your security status. The CSAT provides this insight through automated scans and analyses. This data provides the basis for you to define priorities and gives you the input you need for a roadmap to improve security.

Insight into the "technology gap"

Legal regulations always involve both organisational processes and technology. The CSAT will define which technical and procedural measures you can take to improve your security. 


The CSAT will identify area’s requiring attention and recommend action to be taken. If you do this periodically, you can prove that you take security seriously.

How does it work?

The CSAT is an on premise software product developed by experienced security experts. CSAT collects data via scanning of endpoints (laptops/desktops/servers) in the network, Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, Office 365, SharePoint and Intune.

By using agents which delete themselves following the endpoint scan, the effort required from the internal IT department is kept to a minimum.

Information about security processes and procedures is collected through an automated questionnaire.

Intake and installation

⊕ Check installation and scan requirements

⊕ Installation of CSAT on a server in your network

Scan setup

Data collection

⊕ Scan endpoints 

⊕ Scan Active Directory and Azure Active Directory

Scan Office 365, SharePoint and Intune

Questionnaire answering

Reporting and recommendations

⊕ Analysis of the collected data

⊕ The results are delivered in a report

Preparation of results

⊕ Presentation and discussion of the report, recommendations and action plan

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